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Regardless of what kind of marketing you it digital, print, broadcast or outdoor... a targeted, relevant message is the key to an effective communication. Without it, you are wasting your marketing dollars. We shudder to think how much money has been spent on advertising with messaging that completely misses the point. Perhaps you've thrown away a few pennies in your day on ineffective marketing? If you're a business owner, you especially know how painful that is. Yeah. 


At Point Creative Services, we focus our 30 something years of experience, insight, creativity and intuition on your business, producing on point and to-the-point message analysis and copywriting that WORKS. At least it's worked for others. We've won countless regional and national creative awards for excellence in copywriting. We even wrote what could arguably be the most imitated, copied and quintessentially cliche tagline in advertising history. Ask us about it if you're curious. 

Message is ​



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